MULTAN is located in the southern region of Pakistan. It is the capital of Multan district and has a population of over 1 million people. The city has a rich history that dates back to the 4th century AD. Multan is also known for its attractions, which include the Multan Fort, whose construction began in 1486 AD.

The fort is one of the oldest surviving examples of Mughal architecture in South Asia. Other attractions in MULTAN include historical sites, mosques, markets, and parks.

There are many restaurants to choose from, and they all offer different types of food. If you're looking for something sweet, there are many halwa shops that sell Traditional Halwa.

If you're in the mood for something savory, you can't go wrong with a plate of kababs or biryani. And if you're in the mood for some delicious Pakistani desserts, be sure to check out the sweetshops in the city! There are also numerous hotels in Multan to choose from, and it is a popular tourist destination for people from all over Pakistan and surrounding countries.

Multan is home to luxurious guest accommodations, consider staying at one of the top hotels in town. These properties offer a wide range of services and amenities, making them perfect for any traveler.

Some of the best hotels in Multan include The Regent Palace Hotel, The Ambassador Hotel, and The Sheraton Multan Resort. Each offers its own unique set of features and amenities, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a relaxing stay in Multan.